Everyone can be prosperous

There are 4 types of people in this life: the Very Poor People, the Struggling Poor, the Middle Class and the Upper Class.

The Very Poor People are are those who are underprivileged and need help getting money for meals, and have to rely on God to provide them the money to survive for the day. They have not been blessed with the opportunity to work, so every day the moment they wake up in the morning, they have ask God for some food they could eat.

The second group of people are the Struggling Poor. They live hand-to-mouth. They have money today but they use the money to feed themselves, to buy small things, and nothing is left. They have been working at the same place and live the same lifestyle but nothing is changing. They get the money but it is just enough so there is nothing to save.

The third group is the Middle Class. These people have money to feed themselves, to buy some shares they can save some. They may use some of their extra earnings to save. But they still do need to work to be able to sustain a comfortable lifestyle.

And the last class is the Upper Class, those are the Billionaires. Instead of going to work, they don’t go to their workplace because they already have money. Their money is already invested and they don’t go to work, they just have to go to golf course, to play golf.

Now, where do you think you belong?

When we talk about prosperity, it is not for certain people. Satan is too crafty and too wise that we believe that prosperity is only for certain type of people. That is not the case and you just have to desire to prosper. Most of the people who prospered who are now living a life of financial comfort would tell you – they didn’t even know that God would bless them like that. What they did was make a decision that even though they’ve been situated in very trying circumstances, they will send their mind to prosperity. Resolve this in kind of thinking in your heart and you will receive.

It does not matter which group you belong to. When you have the ability to put your mind to success and prosperity and ask God for the strength to keep this mindset, a prosperous life will be a possibility. And in the future you will thank God for that.